If you are considering Unity College as the School of Choice for your child, the following process needs to be followed:

1. Contact the school Senior Admin Officer to set up an appointment to see the Principal.
2. Parents and the child are invited to attend an initial interview. The following documentation should be brought to the interview:

 Latest school report
 Latest Speech Therapist report and assessment
 Latest Occupational Therapist report and assessment
 Latest Psycho-Educational report

These assessments help staff identify the level at which your child is

Pupils may then be invited for a trial at the school to ascertain whether Unity College is the most suitable placement.

The school has a waiting list which governs placement into classes. Applicants are organised from the date of registration.

3. If suitable, a trial period of one week (sometimes two) is set up at no cost to you.

4. Feedback from the full team occurs and a decision is reached regarding your child.

5. Feedback to you, the parent, takes place on the last day of trial.

6. If your child is a suitable candidate, placement will be offered or a position on the waiting list. If your child is not suitable, alternative recommendations can be made.

We look forward to meeting you and your child soon.