After spending many years in Special Needs Education and seeing the frustration of both the students and their parents once they leave school, Unity College has decided to open a Vocational Training Centre (VTC). Our VTC aims to equip adult special needs students in vocational training.

The biggest obstacles faced by special needs students after completion of their school careers are:

  • No career specific vocational training
  • Limited employment opportunities
  • Society’s general lack of understanding of their special requirements
  • Limited training or study facilities for special needs students


These obstacles are the main points that the VTC aim to address through vocation specific training, as well as the education and guidance of potential employers, in order to promote the successful employment of our students.

The certification of students of the VTC will never be just a general certificate of competence, but rather a certificate showing the areas of competence with specific emphasis on the field of expertise of each individual student. This will better enable potential employers to identify the space where each student could be competently employed.


  1. Hospitality industry training consisting of: health and safety, hygiene, basic food preparation, customer service, basic admin (stock control and front of house)
  2. Commercial laundry training consisting of: front of office customer service, labelling of washing, sorting for washing, different washing methods, drying methods, folding of washing, ironing of washing, packaging of clean washing and invoicing of clients.


The VTC courses will be based on Individual Study Programs, designed for each student, according to their needs and abilities.

  • Full-time or part-time options available
  • Full-time course in Hospitality Assistance will span over 200 days at 7,5 hours per day
  • Studies will consist of approximately 15% theory and 85% practical (students will be assessed in both areas)
  • Course dates will correspond to the Unity College four term calendar
  • Bus routes are available from Parktown, Midrand and Honeydew


General Policy here.

For more information, contact the Principal on principal@unity-college.org.za.