With effect from Term two, 2020, all therapists will practice independently, whilst still making use of the school’s facilities and accommodating the learners’ timetables. 

At Unity College, therapies are fully integrated with what happens in the classroom and on the playground. The Therapy Department aims to actively develop the full potential of each learner by developing functionality, independence and socially appropriate behaviour. In addition, all therapies aim to build on the learner’s strengths and teach compensatory strategies to overcome areas of difficulties.

The therapists strongly believe in a team approach and work as a team with each other and the teachers. We like to consider the parents as part of this winning team and encourage open communication. The therapy department also hosts an annual open week where the parents are invited to attend their child’s therapy and to discuss their progress.

The following therapeutic services are available through in-house specialists:
• Speech therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Play therapy and counselling (Counselling Psychologist)
• Psychological assessments (Counselling Psychologist)
• Personal and social skills (Counselling Psychologist)

Services are rendered on an individual, small group and/or class basis depending on the needs of the learners. Priority in speech and occupational therapy is given to the Juniors since early intervention achieves the greatest results.