Parental involvement plays an important role in learner success. Extensive research has shown that learners achieve more in school when their parents are involved in their education.

Parents/caregivers are invited to attend six-monthly meetings to discuss their child’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) – designed specifically for the learner; the IDP promotes the unique growth of academic, social and emotional skills. Realistic medium-term academic and behavioural goals are set by a team consisting of the child, parents/caregivers, educators, therapists and (in the case of Senior Phase learners) informed by the insights of work experience providers. Everyone is involved to make joint decisions regarding the learner’s needs and appropriate goals, as well as services needed to support the him/her to achieve his/her potential.

The Therapy department hosts an annual open week where parents are invited to attend their child’s therapy and to discuss their progress.

All parents are encouraged to join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The role of the PTA is to facilitate/organise enjoyable events during the year. The aim of these events is to promote the sense of community at the school and to raise funds for particular projects. Sign up for the PTA.

We also like to acknowledge our parents for their hard work and dedication to their children, so moms are invited to an annual ‘Spoil the Moms’ event, and dads get their turn with the ‘Spoil the Dads’ event. In 2019 the Unity College Moms That Care (UMTC) support group was formed to support the emotional and spiritual well-being of the Unity community.