This year is at its end and we have already spent eight months working with the Unity team. It has been a frantically busy period – the cause being the changes we were introducing.

We succeeded in:-

  • Finding a new Headmaster
  • Shuffling our admin compliment
  • Replacing Vicky
  • Employing a new multi-skilled estate employer in William
  • Repairing three buses
  • Altering the entire front area of the admin block by filling the pool and re-paving and tiling the area.
  • Giving the gazebo a re-make
  • Re-painting the outside of our buildings
  • Re-wiring all our buildings
  • Drilling two additional boreholes
  • Improving the entrance to the staffroom


As we survey these improvements we look back with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Our time has helped us to get to know and appreciate the members of Unity staff and just how dedicated they are in their service to our children. Our children are the source of much joy as they make new strides in their path of progress. The happiness that they exude is a blessing.

Lastly, we are grateful for the turnaround in our numbers. We have admitted eight children since April 2018.

So as we conclude an eventful 2018 and look forward to our Christmas holidays, may the meaning of Christmas not escape you as you approach this Season.

God bless you and keep you.

Dr Herbie Staples
Head of Newton House Management Team

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