The Work Experience Programme at Unity College aims to equip our learners with skills to become productive, integrated members of society. By offering learners a preview of the work environment, they learn useful skills to enhance their employability.

Our Senior Phase learners are placed at an employer’s premises to carry out a range of tasks and duties, more or less as would an employee, but with the emphasis on exposure to world of work and the learning aspects of the experience.  It forms an important part of becoming “workplace-ready” by building useful skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.

There are a number of benefits for learners to be on the Work Experience Programme. The benefits include, among others:

  • Develop realistic expectations as to what jobs are available
  • Develop the skills and qualifications necessary to do the jobs
  • Support the development of generic- and job-specific work skills.
  • Smooth transition into the world of work

Overall work experience plays an important role in developing a student’s personal and social skills and gives them important opportunities to learn directly about the world of work.