Unity College’s Early Intervention Centre is a nurturing, supportive, and focused classroom setting where children can learn through activities especially tailored to their specific needs. In the EIC we provide adapted schooling and therapy for children, between the ages of 3 and 5 years who present with a variety of developmental delays. An Individual Developmental Plan (IDP), which includes supportive therapies, is tailored for each child. Our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to maximize each child’s progress and to meet their ever-changing needs.

Our objective is to nurture a positive self-image, and to support and develop each child to their full potential. In the EIC we implement alternative methods of teaching and learning. We use specialized materials and adapted equipment, in order to give each child the opportunity to overcome some of the limitations they experience in both learning and everyday activities. Speech therapy is offered, based on a Cycles Approach, and is linked to each child’s IDP goals. The Occupational Therapy group sessions primarily target gross motor development and the sensory needs of the group. Personal Social Skills group sessions are also facilitated on a weekly basis.

We aim to help each child acquire skills leading to greater independence and competence with the view to facilitate their growth into a more formal schooling environment; where attention can be given to functional literacy, functional numeracy, life skills, as well as personal and social development. Our EIC center is situated on the same campus as our College, thereby allowing for an easy transition into the more structured environment of the Junior Phase.

Collaboration between professionals of all disciplines associated with early intervention of children and active parental involvement programmes will be encouraged and provided by Unity College.