This month we get to know more about Lexi Colyn in the Junior phase.

Colyn family photo

Dad’s name and occupation
Gordon – manager of a vehicle tracking company

Mom’s name and occupation
Michelle – mom and sometimes teacher

Siblings’ names and ages
Brother Dylan (16) and sister Jorja (14)

How long has Lexi been at Unity College?
Since the beginning of this year

What talents, hobbies or interests does Lexi have?
Lexi loves to play teacher, playing with her babies and MOVING – especially on jumping castles and trampolines. She is very friendly and empathetic towards other people, especially when they are hurt or sick. She also loves to get involved in baking and cooking – doesn’t always go according to plan!  Lexi is amazing at doing puzzles and likes to play cards and other board games with us.

What fun activities do you like to do as a family?
Camping, Kruger National Park, going to restaurants where Lexi can play outside and weekend braai’s with our families.

What therapies or interventions have benefitted Lexi the most?
Lexi was a late developer, so physiotherapy as a baby and young child was a huge help in teaching her how to sit, crawl and eventually walk. She loves occupational therapy, especially gross motor skills. Lexi has really benefitted from the social awareness programme, as she needs help to learn many of the skills that other children seem to just pick up on their own.

What are your dreams for your child?
We want her to always be loved and happy. As all parents we also want her to live an independent life and to feel like she belongs, wherever that may be. We also want her to be safe.

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