Dad’s name and occupation
Andrew Kelly – Electronic Engineer

Mom’s name and occupation
Caren Kelly – Psychiatrist in private practice

Siblings’ names and ages
Daniel has two younger sisters: Claire age 17, and Bronwen age 15.

How long has Daniel been at Unity College?
Daniel started at Unity College when he was 6 years old, in 2007; so, he’s been here 12 years already.

What talents, hobbies or interests does Daniel have?
Daniel loves the movies, especially the Kung Fu Panda series. He likes to read a short story every day. He always helps to clear away the dishes, especially when we’re entertaining, so we think he would make a great busboy in a restaurant one day. More recently, he’s demonstrated a talent for washing cars, which he does very enthusiastically.

What fun activities do you like to do as a family?
We like to walk our two dogs around the neighbourhood – you learn a lot about your local community that way. Daniel has a better sense of direction than his mother! And (when we can get there), we all love spending time together at our holiday house in Rooiels, Western Cape.

What therapies or interventions have benefitted Daniel the most?
Daniel has benefitted a great deal from the occupational therapy he has received at Unity over the years, improving his fine and gross motor skills and his visual discrimination skills. The speech therapy has also been very valuable, as has the counselling.

What are your dreams for your child?
We are looking forward to Daniel someday living a semi-independent existence, with a proper and useful job (even if it is in sheltered employment) so that he obtains the dignity and respect that he deserves to lead a fulfilling adult life.

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