Dad’s name and occupation
Connor – Architect

Mom’s name and occupation
Kim – Injection Moulding

Siblings’ names and ages
Sister Jade, 14 years’ old

How long has Bailey been at Unity College?
10 months

What talents, hobbies or interests does Bailey have?
She loves flags, especially the SA flag and the world cup anthem “Give me Freedom” (you may have heard her singing it), she loves water, is an outdoors child and Trolls is her new favourite movie and she is learning how to ride a bicycle.

What fun activities do you like to do as a family?
Eating pizzas, spending time in our garden, swimming and going on holidays.

What therapies or interventions have benefitted Bailey the most?
I think the holistic approach of physio, OT and Speech have had great benefit over the years and finding Unity College.

What are your dreams for your child?
There are many when you have a special needs child but mostly that she always feels loved and accepted no matter what her abilities are.

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