Thank you to our Parents for the donation of Easter eggs to the school so that we could enjoy our individual Phase, as well as Staff Easter egg hunt As you can see, every single pe[...]
We started Speech Group sessions on Wednesday the 8th of April 2021 when term two began  by sharing our holiday news with a fun language task. We practiced answering and asking que[...]
Everyone working hard during group speech therapy in term one of 2021. Well done students 🥇🥇🥇 By Speech Therapist Nolene Whether we realize it or not, our speech and social skills [...]
1. Better Hand-eye Coordination 2. Improves Language Skills 3. Promotes School Readiness and Cognitive Development 4. Higher Capacity for Visual Attention 5. Enhances Social Intera[...]
Junior Phase, Teacher Sandra’s Junior’s are working on letter S:   Strengthening our little hand muscles with plenty fine motor skills and body awareness with stic[...]
The “My Country” (South Africa) theme is enthusiastically taken up by the Juniors’ in Teacher Crystal’s Class. We can see them practicing their fine motor, [...]
Did you know, just like stretching before exercise we have to stretch and warm up our muscles used for Speech. We get to do this with our very own oral motor boxes 🤪 By Speech Ther[...]
I learnt that our children are capable of so so much. We underestimate their ability to adapt and to overcome. I also learnt with how little we can actually manage to get by, when [...]
Did you know speech therapy is not only what we say, it’s also why we say it, when we say it and how we say it. So with great talking comes great responsibility. Today we wor[...]
Talk about it Tuesday 😁 Exploring books and presentation skills during speech group sessions in the Junior Phase 📚📣 By Speech Therapist Nolene[...]