Proof that school days are the best days as ex pupil visits his Unity Friends… Brad Arthur’s surprised us by just popping in earlier this month (Feb 2020). Brad graduat[...]
Message from Dean Conde from the Scuba Crew*: Well done to all those who participated in the Unity College Scuba Day on Saturday, 9 November. Devon Kroeger, Joshua Young and Jeanne[...]
Past pupil Kgopisha Lwandzile Kekana writes: “I have started a new job at the Spar at Kingfisher Fourways (close to Fourways High School). I’m doing coffee and also make amazing ca[...]
Past pupil Tiffany Perreira travels extensively with her mom, Dawn, as she visits churches across our nation and into other nations as well.  She has had the privilege of going to [...]
Hello there! I am Raunak Paul and my motto in life is to be happy and to make others happy too. Other than my hobbies, one of them playing piano, I have a great passion for baking [...]
Past pupil Sheldon Tovey is living proof of the potential of learners with special educational needs. After leaving Unity College, Sheldon spent 2017 at Living Link where he learnt[...]
Some of our Senior phase learners voted in the National Elections that took place on 8 May 2019:  Jason Gerber, Nicola Walker and Joshua Young (photographed), as well as Oratile Mo[...]
In this regular feature, we get to know a bit more about the Unity College learners and their families. If you’d like your family to be featured, please e-mail info@unity-college.o[...]
Our Occupational Therapist Nicole Kayton got married to Leigh van den Berg on Saturday, 23 March at Stablewood Lodge (Leigh’s parents’ farm in Kimberley).  Congratulations and may [...]
Parents Doug & Aileen Kennaugh, and Gavin & Zelda Pringle braved extreme heat to cycle in the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge on 18 November. Past pupil Ryan Leong also complete[...]