The Juniors are playing a board game which allows them to choose between good and bad manners; they then model the good manners as prescribed in the game. Through the process of pl[...]
  Our Special Needs School comprises of Down Syndrome children thus we honour our learners and celebrate World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (21 March) as well as Down Syndrome [...]
Tremendous thanks to all the Unity families and Friends who supported our Seniors, our Teachers and Marketing Staff on the day by visiting and buying items on sale. The raffle for [...]
  The children have been asking if  “Father Christmas” will be coming this year and so the Teachers decided to each contribute a little from their pockets to buy s[...]
Exploring what happens when you mix shaving cream and mazina. More sensory play with coloured rice and beans.    [...]
To know what TEACCH is please read here. Some of the pictures below will show you various TEACCH tasks being performed, namely: Sorting colours Threading beads Copying a pattern Po[...]
It gives us great joy to experience this very exciting milestone with our kiddies. You can see here that our little ones are copying shapes and patterns in salt as a pre-handwritin[...]
Sensory | Messy Play & Worm Play Why do we do this? Well, for the sensory and tactile development of pre handwriting skills. We are developing hand strength and left to right m[...]
The little ones at the EIC have settled in nicely.  They enjoy special activities like cookery, music and water play.  Unity combines play with learning to ensure that each day is [...]
The Early Intervention Centre had an orientation morning on the 12 January ’16 before school opened to welcome parents and their children to Unity. It would be a new experien[...]