How does the saying go..."When the cats' away, the mice will play..." (term break...). When it's that enjoyable doing what you do, it almost feels like play. Two months ago, Unity met with Growthpoints' CSI and delivered their immediate needs. It was today 6 Oct.2015 that myself, your Marketer | Fundraiser was treated to a splendid breakfast (before doing a speech on our school with a presentation) and presented with a cheque for R200 000 towards one of the needs raised. (I'd tell you what we're doing with that money but I'll let you ponder on that topic for a while; at least until you're all back at School but I will say this, and that is that I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE LOOK ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES WHEN WE REVEAL YOUR WELL DESERVED GIFT! Lets just say it's the first time we will have our own .... where we can host our events in/over/around it and so on... Can't wait to deliver this special news as you deserve it so much Unity! Can you come back already from holidays, ha ha). To Growthpoint Properties and their CSI Team. To Jones Lang La Salle for partnering and joining hands in this magnificent donation to Unity (together with beneficiaries Operation Smile, to Reach For A Dream, and to Association for Physically Disabled and TLC). Your two companies have made a giant impact this morning, have given us hope as NGO's struggling in this tough economic climate and you have certainly made our year with your kindness. What is lovely to note is that your donation will continue to inspire our kids long after the cash is spent, so THANK YOU with all our hearts! Thank you too for bringing such phenomenal individuals together under one roof today. Unity is humbled, touched and very much appreciative for EVERYTHING you have done today! Thank you We encourage you to visit and spend time with us all in the near future. Please contact us