Advertising in Unity's Yearbook

Being a Non Profit Company reliant solely on income generated by school fees, means that adverts taken are invaluable. We aim to obtain the necessary funds through advertising so that we don’t have to put the costs on to our parents, who already do so much.

Your advert will be a source of pride to your establishment and in every setting that it is viewed. It most definitely WILL showcase your community awareness and involvement. Our magazine (Yearbook) will be made available to our learners at Prize Giving. An article, picture or artwork from each child will be encased in our magazine of memories 2016/2017. Should you have any questions about Unity's Yearbook; please contact Carin Eagleton

eagletonc@techno-box.co.za or carin@unity-college.org.za 079 998 2200

Advertising Rates 2017