TEACCH in the Junior Phase

TEACCH tasks offer a structured teaching approach where the goal is to maximise independence while practicing meaningful educational activities. We implemented TEACCH at the beginning of 2015 in both our EIC and our Skills for Learning Class. The children responded very positively to the visual structure and concrete approach to practising important developmental skills. The TEACCH task concept can be adapted to any age of learner and has subsequently been implemented in both our Intermediate and Senior Life Orientation Streams.

During our daily TEACCH task session, which lasts approximately an hour, each child is given an individually tailored visual schedule which clearly defines the expectations during the class period. These schedules help the child transition from one activity to the next and inform them where to begin and end the sessions. Each task is self-contained and clearly labelled in accordance with the visual schedules. The number of tasks and amount of work is adjusted to the needs and abilities of each child. The classroom is clearly laid out allowing each child to know where they should be and what is expected of them. The work areas are clearly marked to allow each child to independently manage their TEACCH task session. Tasks are designed in a way that they address concepts such as working from left to right and from top to bottom. They focus on goals set out in each child’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) and concentrate on literacy, numeracy, and life skills, as well as other areas of learning. Tasks enhance the child’s self-esteem while they encourage focus and successful completion of goals that build a framework for continued learning.

TEACCH tasks allow our children the opportunity to follow and develop a system, while engaging in meaningful educational activities, through the process of gaining an understanding of task initiation and task completion. part of our E.C.D. programme.

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