Teacch in the Junior Phase

The Teacch class begins at 11:00 each day and the lesson lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Within this time frame, all learners have a number of tasks in front of them to complete. These tasks are set at each individual’s potential. The aim of the Teacch methodology is to address the generic problems of task avoidance, completion and initiation. Teacch has positively affected our Juniors’ on a behavioural and social level in that our children have visual work task charts and visual behaviour charts for positive reinforcement. Because everything is so graphic, it’s appealing to the learners on their level of understanding. The response to the lesson generates positive behaviour because they are understanding what you’re asking due to the graphic representation. Teacch was implemented at the beginning of 2015. Once learners have successfully grasped their individual tasks, they are swiftly moved along to their next tasks. The Teacch curriculum is introduced at the foundation phase as we would like to build each learner up to their full potential by the time they leave Unity College. We are certain that with the guidance of Teacch and the dedicated staff’s commitment, our learners will be able to be more independent than had we not have implemented it as part of our E.C.D. programme.

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