The Staff year-end party on 5 December was a time to give out that “final exhale” as the staff had a tough year, which was now behind them. The competitors arrived, set to take the winning title and held nothing back. It was the battle of the best cocktail makers! Would it be the Junior Department, who were dressed for success – taking their Whacky Scientist roles extremely seriously? Or the Therapy Department’s Magical Unicorns, who too, dressed to the max? OR would the Seniors or Intermediates or stealthy Admin teams steal the thunder on the day?

After all the judging and amusement, it was Therapy’s Magical Unicorns who stole the show and took the title for the best cocktail, best display and best story about their cocktail concoction. Their story included the magic of working at Unity College and what a special place this is… All in all, we ticked the box for having a fun and merry event!

Thank you must go to each and every person there for making it the success it was and for leaving a lasting warm fuzzy feeling on everyone’s heart after the event was through.

Whacky Scientists

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