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  • Unity College hosted its annual extravaganza of talent on Thursday 22nd September. This year’s theme was a “Splash of Colour” and it was everything one could have hoped to have seen! Talent, splendour... The Lot! 26th Birthday Bash; The 29th October not only proved to be a scorcher weather-wise but the atmosphere at Unity College was also sizzling at our annual Unity Market and Birthday. Read the full articles from the Fourways' Review

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  • Day 1, 2016

    On Wednesday 9 November, the red carpet was rolled out at HoyoHoyo Resort and Conference Centre for the arrival of the Stars from Unity College. Hollywood had nothing on these learners! Read the full article from the Fourways' Review Senior_Dance
  • Eleven of our learners took part in the Special Olympics South Africa end of year Swimming Gala at Ellis Park 21 November 2016. These were finals and winners received medals and ribbons. To read the full article please read here.

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  • Unity College recognises achievers! We hosted our annual combined prize giving on the 6 December. The achievements were phenomenal! Congratulations to those who won special awards as well as each and every learner | every participant for you're all WINNERS! Intermediate | Senior prize giving; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • Our FIRST Gala in our NEW swimming | therapy pool took place in February 2017! What a privilege to have a Beautiful pool, Happy enthusiastic children and crystal blue skies! Every participant did "swimmingly" well! Junior Gala; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • As it goes with our patriotic South African's; we are always keen to show our support to the causes which feed our hearts. This year was no different on Mandela Day. Mandela Day; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • Kicking up a little dust... Dust Roads; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • This year we celebrate 27 years in operation. That is really something special to be a part of! Birthday & Senior Market; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • A sterling performance on stage at Crawford Preparatory School where there was "lights" "camera" and a lot of "ACTION". Our learners knocked this performance out the park! Concert; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • The Big5 Walk is in its second year & is proving to be gaining popularity among the outdoor enthusiasts including walkers & also folk who believe in saving our endangered wildlife. Big5 Walk; Read the full article from the Fourways' Review below

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  • Day 1, 2016

    On Wednesday 13 January Unity College opened their doors and hearts as usual to returning learners but Wednesday would not be an ordinary first day back for everyone. Things to consider would be first timers and especially the fragile Early Intervention Centre little ones who were leaving the security of HOME to their new day time occupancy. Fourways Review captured this... FourwaysReview_1stDayOfSchool    
  • Concert

    Some pretty amazing recycled clothes designs can be seen at our 2015 concert. To see photos and more content, click here please. For the Fourways Review's article, read here, thank you. Fourways Review
  • Cocktail Evening

    The Senior Cocktail Evening held on Thursday 19 November was a huge success. The theme this year was "Hawaiian". All enjoyed the colourful flowers and cocktail attire which contributed to a fantastic night. The success of the evening was in no small way largely attributed to the Senior Staff Members. We would like to thank Halfway Toyota Fourways for their function hall at their premises in Fourways. SeniorDance  
  • CLX-3180_20150923_14350301A Grand Opening for a Grand School

    All our guests arrived very excited to see the official opening of our long awaited NEW School. The bitterly cold weather couldn't dampen our spirits. Relationships were established and strengthened. We would like to thank each and everyone for their attendance at this historic event. Click here to read more on the Midrand Reporter Online Newspaper
  • Unity | Proudly taking giant steps forward

    After 25 years we are now in a position to offer our special learners the facilities that they deserve. The school has been situated at a number of locations, including the Cedar Road property which had been rented while the new property was being developed on Runnymead Road in Chartwell North Estates. The School is accredited by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, therefore we decided to use alternative and environmentally-friendly building methods. We used a system with high insulation values and environmentally-friendly production processes, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Read the full article on Fourways Review's Online Newspaper 21JulOpeningFRpg1721 Jul OpeningFRWS
  • 25 Years of Excellence

    2015 was the year that Unity opened their doors to their long anticipated new and improved school in Runnymead Ave, Chartwell North Estates, and it was the year that we CELEBRATED 25 years of excellence with our new neighbours and community, as well as with our very special Unity Family that includes Halfway Toyota! We thank each and every person for their attendance at this historic event. Read the full article CLX-3180_20151015_09254501
  • 14 Feb. excitement

    Unity hosted their first Mr | Miss Valentine’s Dance off at their new school Friday 12 February. Fourways Review captured this Valentines Day   Unity also hosted a Valentine's Social disco event for the Graduates and Seniors of the School which was well attended and enjoyed by ex students and current students alike. 20160212_143034
  • Gala news

    Unity College’s Interhouse Gala was held at Crawford Preparatory School in Fourways on Saturday 13 February 2016.

    We are so grateful to Mr Ian Rothman, Principal of Crawford Fourways, for allowing us the use of their wonderful swimming pool facility. The Fourways Review captured the following. Gala     Crawford Preparatory School captured this. Mr Rothman thanks us  
  • Crawford Prep lend Pool

    Crawford Fourways Preparatory helped us out before we had a pool by lending theirs for us to host our annual Gala in. What a treat using their beautiful facilities!

    The Fourways Review captured the following. Gala
  • Graduate Mavela Dlamini broadens his horizons

    Our very own graduate is taking on Malaysia, studying Computer Art

    The Fourways Review captured the following. Mavela
  • We have our cake and eat it

    Sugar highs, smiles and laughter all because one kind soul chose Unity to donate the most magnificent cake to...

    The Fourways Review captured the following. Cake
  • Big achievements

    Our congratulations go to each and every athlete who performed on the day. Well done to the Blue Cranes for winning the coveted house trophy – its 9th win since 2004. The Red Bishops were most vociferous under the leadership of Rory Sims and, deservedly, won the Spirit Trophy. House Scores were as follows: Blue Crane 134, Red Bishops 81 and Yellow Weavers 80! For other special mentions, please read the full story here.

    Fourways' Review article SportsDay
  • Cleaner living

    In preparation for Unity's Inaugural Big5Walk in June, the School's Intermediate Phase learners jumped at the opportunity to do a little sprucing of the rivers edges; rendering them free of litter washed down the river. To read the full article, please click on the below image.

      Fourways Review article
  • Our FIRST Big walk (and for a purpose)

    There is nothing quite like a winter morning's fresh air and walking to "save" your Big5! On the 11 June, both the Unity families and the Chartwell North Estates neighbours walked for this great cause! To read the full article, please click on the below image.

  • Spur Shadow Shift

    Spur runs a fundraiser evening for schools and other bodies wishing to raise funds. The "Shadow Shift" involves learners shadowing waiters while they go about their duties (taking orders, bringing food, clearing tables). Spur gets customers, the school gets a percentage of takings, learners experience the job of waiting on tables and get tips, so everyone wins! Read the full article below. The online version can be read here. To know what Spur and Unity made from this fundraiser, the figures are in our 11 August 2016 newsletter. SPUR
  • news_heritageday_2016 Unity College took full advantage of National Heritage Day on the 23 September by celebrating each person’s unique culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions. Everyone came to School dressed in their traditional Heritage dress up on the last day of term. We are Proud of our Heritage. Go Unity! Full article in the Fourways Review