It is on a sad note that we have to say farewell to two of our senior teachers who have made such an incredible contribution to Unity College.

Anita Wylie

Anita Wylie joined Unity College in 2004 as the new Intermediate Teacher. She also acted as the HOD for this phase for 6 months.

In 2011 Anita was appointed as the new HOD for the Senior Department.

Anita is a stickler for rules and has consequently built her reputation on being meticulous and extremely organised. Anita prides herself as being ethical, reliable and displays initiative when needed.

During her 15 years at Unity, she distinguished herself as a strong leader and someone who had the utmost concern for the well-being of all the learners. Her leadership ability led to her being appointed the Acting Principal after the resignation of the previous principal. This task she performed with distinction and must be commended for “keeping the ship floating” during difficult times.

Her decision to retire will certainly leave a vacuum; and we want to wish her all the best for her retirement and may she enjoy her travels – all over the world!


Esmé Pelser (Essie)

Esmé Pelser started teaching at Unity College in 1990. This remarkable lady literally dedicated more than half of her teaching career to Unity!

She was one of the Founding Teachers when the College opened in 1990. Esmé held the position of HOD for the Senior Phase for more than ten years.

Her strongest quality is undoubtedly her caring nature. Her endearing personality has caused her to be well-loved and respected by her learners, colleagues and parents alike. She has the ability to bring calm to stressful situations and her willingness to assist in any circumstance, distinguishes her from most.

She retires with reluctance but we are sure that her presence will remain in the corridors of Unity College for many years to come.

Esmé, THANK YOU for making a difference and may your retirement be blessed and prosperous!

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