Mila, our resident Junior Phase therapy dog, celebrated her second birthday this month. The learners asked that we give her a party and wanted to sing happy birthday to her too!

Mila is instrumental in the class by allowing the children to understand the needs of other living creatures. Mila provides the opportunity for our children to take on new responsibilities through caring for her. She also provides a constant topic of conversation, comfort and reward.

By Teacher Vanessa Smith

The learners from the Junior Phase love their outings to the ice rink. This is an opportunity for them to socialise, gain confidence and have fun. They also benefit from the physical exercise and the challenge of trying to balance on the ice. We are grateful to the Northgate Ice Rink for making their facility available at no charge.

Ore Sebiloane is a new learner in the Junior Phase. His favourite colour is red, his favourite food is rice and he loves jazz music. Ore thinks Unity College is the best school ever!

We welcome Ore and his parents to the Unity Family!

Nicola Walker from the Senior Phase achieved three Equitation Qualifiers at SANESA Interschools on her horse Splash.

To see a video of Nicola explaining more about her achievement, click here.