Our School would like to extend sincere thanks to the families who took time out of their busy day to get to know us and see what we’re all about. It’s always exciting [...]
  THANK YOU to the folk who visited us! What a positive turnout to our first Open Day of 2017! While folk were not breaking down the front door to come in and view Unity Colle[...]
After more than 25 years of experience, we are now certain that Unity College is “the school of choice” for special or additional needs learners. Our pertinent and innovative curri[...]
To all that made the effort and spent their time with us during busy schedules, We’d like to say THANK YOU for that, it is appreciated! We had double our foot traffic than from Oct[...]
Welcome to Unity’s Open Day 2016! Be our Guest! So much has happened since our October Open Day. We are thrilled to announce that our Early Intervention Centre is in full swing and[...]
Our Open Day occurred Monday 19 Oct. under blue blue skies and yet again a very hot summers day. We were fortunate to meet some special new faces and some loyal interested parents [...]
Activities and lessons you will observe here today form part of the balanced programme of education offered by us. We pride ourselves on being a school with an integrated learning [...]