Interesting speech therapy facts: Human speech predates written language by tens of thousands of years. No one knows exactly how old spoken language is. Though it’s a common [...]
Unity College hosted a successful tea for therapists of various disciplines, including speech therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and educational psyc[...]
We thoroughly enjoyed having the moms visit us for a spoil day on Friday 31 May. It was great to provide an opportunity for our mothers to have a much needed breather, spend some t[...]
  As Occupational Therapists working with children, our focus is on developing a solid foundation for skill development. The pyramid above is often used to explain this approa[...]
Digital devices such as smartphones and tablets offer a world of possibilities to connect to others. But have you ever wondered how technology is influencing childhood, or if there[...]
Like walking and talking, vision is a learnt skill. Deficiencies in any of the complex processes involved in visual skills could be misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. Skills include eye mov[...]
  Letting the child lead begins with: Observing Waiting Listening     Observing Paying close attention to the child so that you can see what they’re interested in or[...]
Through our senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing we learn and understand our environment and how we can impact the world around us. Exposure to a variety of tactile exp[...]
Recently I visited a good friend of mine in Cape Town. While we were chatting in the kitchen, her 7 year old son was making a cup of tea. I wasn’t paying particular attention to wh[...]
Language is a very important tool in communication and without communication and the ability to listen well, a child may feel isolated from the world around them and cannot functio[...]