Dad’s name and occupation Abel Thoobe – Founder and MD of Khabaria Crescent 808  (ICT Consultancy) Mom’s name and occupation Salome Thoobe – Senior Publisher for Macmillan Educatio[...]
Dad’s name and occupation Doug is a Consulting Engineer Mom’s name and occupation Aileen is a TV Producer Siblings’ names and ages Kayla has a brother Michael, who is 24 years old [...]
Dad’s name and occupation Dean is a Technical Lead Mom’s name and occupation Charlene is a full-time mom Siblings’ names and ages Jason is an only child How long has Jason been at [...]
I have been asked to provide I brief synopsis of my teaching career, family and general facts about me. I am married to Lynette, now for 40 years. We were blessed with two children[...]
Dad’s name and occupation Doug is the Vice Chairman at Superunion and a visiting Professor of Marketing Mom’s name and occupation Marina is a full-time mom and part-time artist Sib[...]