The Unity family is saluting one of our warriors Joshua Noome; born prematurely with a birth weight of 430 grams with seemingly insurmountable challenges, proudly participating in [...]
Our students will always make us proud as they continuously give their very best! The Special Olympics sports events which we partake in, give us the opportunity to compete on a le[...]
We joined the developmental gala in preparation for the finals in November 2017.  Even though it was cold outside the indoor swimming pool at Wahoo Aquatic Centre was an absolutely[...]
All Unity’s learners participated in the Sports Day. All the teachers assisted and encouraged the students to participate in the events.  The various sporting activities incl[...]
Unity College hosted a Special Olympics soccer and netball tournament at our premises in Runnymead Avenue and was especially proud of our team’s determination and sportsmanship. Ev[...]
On 19 October 2016 we had a friendly soccer match against our neighbour.  All Unity’s soccer stars were given an opportunity to play.  We are very excited in hosting our first game[...]
On Monday some seniors participated in the preliminary Special Olympics Gala at Ellis Park.  Teacher Tonic Sibanda has said the kids had a blast and compared learner Liam Share to [...]