The children have been asking if  “Father Christmas” will be coming this year and so the Teachers decided to each contribute a little from their pockets to buy s[...]
There is always great excitement around Prize Giving as it allows us the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of each child and to share those over tea with our wonderful pare[...]
Hosting an assembly helps the children gain confidence. They get to be creative as they decide what they would like to share with everybody. They express their thoughts, feelings a[...]
Playing soccer helps gross motor skills. The children run, kick and jump which is physical development. They use their senses for this activity (touch, sight and sound). The childr[...]
This activity promotes fine motor skills and sensory awareness. The children use sight, touch and sound for this activity. They improve their communication skills as they need to t[...]
Story time enables children to use their imagination. They need to stay focused and listen to what is being read. Story time develops prediction skills as the children have the opp[...]
Playing Snap as a group promotes social skills. Our children learn to share and take turns. This promotes thinking skills as the children need to stay focused and follow all of the[...]
Computers help develop fine motor skills by using the mouse. Our children improve their thinking skills by writing their names with the correct spacing and capital letters. There a[...]
Manners4Minors is a program developed specifically for children aged 3 – 13 introducing them to the benefits of good manners and universally acceptable behaviour. On the 6 May R[...]
Snakes and ladders. To the “untrained eye” it’s just snakes and ladders, but digging deeper it’s about this; (The Juniors submitted this for the #ReadToLead[...]