The Broadacress Academy very generously donated a beautiful jungle gym to the school. Thank you to Principal Andr├ę de Coning for thinking of us! More medals and badges were donated[...]
Boerewors Specialist Michael Kuhbeka, and managers Gloria van den Berg and Richard Letcher from Sloane Meat Market with Unity College learners and Mr Ackerman-du Preez. On 10 May, [...]
Unity College would like to acknowledge their gratitude to Tsogo Sun for donating a two-night stay (bed and breakfast included) that was used as the prize for our MySchool card sig[...]
Dear Parents and Friends of the School As an independent, not-for-profit special needs school, Unity College runs on a very tight budget without any state funding. In order for our[...]
As an independent school, Unity College does not receive any financial support from the Government. We rely solely on school fees and on donations to help us continue to make a dif[...]