Dear parents, staff and pupils, It has now been a month since my arrival at Unity College. Never did I imagine that I could experience the level of joy and satisfaction that I have[...]
When I think about all of the phrases, anecdotes, and sayings about the power of the spoken word I am reminded of how I have changed my way of communicating with children. No (runn[...]
Children with higher emotional intelligence are more likely to be sociable, cooperative, optimistic and able to solve problems. They tend to be better-behaved, less impulsive, and [...]
POSITION: Mother / Mom / Mama / Dad / Daddy / Dada. JOB DESCRIPTION: This is a permanent post – HOURS: 168 Hours a week, 52 weeks per year. SALARY= R 0.00 ACCOUNTABLE TO: Partner, [...]
“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” There are plenty of difficulties in life. Parenting is hard, but “childering” is harder. Parents usually have some experience in naviga[...]
Maybe you started out the school year on the right foot. All those discussions with about your kids getting organised, laying their clothes out the night before, getting out of bed[...]
Children go to school to learn, of course.  But parents of children with alternative educational needs often ask: “How will I know my child is learning and making progress?” A pare[...]
What would 2014 be noted for in our short history books? The continental philosophy of Ubuntu is now all but a myth.    The taking of responsibility is thin on the ground indeed.  [...]
The “Old South African” coat of arms displayed the words Ex Unitate Vires – Strength in Unity, how fitting that our School’s name reflects such a sentiment. Unity College – there i[...]
Acknowledgment & positive feedback of your child’s progress After a fairly intense round of IDP’s , one really needs to reflect on the values and lessons inherent in the [...]