Maybe you started out the school year on the right foot. All those discussions with about your kids getting organised, laying their clothes out the night before, getting out of bed[...]
Children go to school to learn, of course.  But parents of children with alternative educational needs often ask: “How will I know my child is learning and making progress?” A pare[...]
What would 2014 be noted for in our short history books? The continental philosophy of Ubuntu is now all but a myth.    The taking of responsibility is thin on the ground indeed.  [...]
The “Old South African” coat of arms displayed the words Ex Unitate Vires – Strength in Unity, how fitting that our School’s name reflects such a sentiment. Unity College – there i[...]
Acknowledgment & positive feedback of your child’s progress After a fairly intense round of IDP’s , one really needs to reflect on the values and lessons inherent in the [...]
When preparing for our third term staff meeting, I suddenly realised that we are well into the second half of the year. This relentless march of time is drawing a few big events cl[...]
“Trust me, I’m a politician/lawyer/policeman” …. Ever heard that before? Did you trust them?  The parenting hand book has yet to be written – so…. how can we encourage [...]
An academic who is much brighter than my intelligence can comprehend (his name is Prof Robert Spitzer) tells us that happiness is not a single entity, but that it actually has four[...]
How do we get children to maintain a smile in school? Can school be so enjoyable that your child is unwilling to be absent? The creation of a positive loving atmosphere is the join[...]