Dear Parents, Staff & Students, The first term of 2019 has proven yet again what an amazing school Unity College is. The caring and nurturing environment that is prevalent in e[...]
Dear Parents, Learners and Staff, Welcome back to the New Year; 2019 promises to be an exciting year in the history of Unity College. We are expecting continued growth in our stude[...]
To say that 2018 was an eventful year at Unity College is a complete understatement! My first year at Unity has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I would like to express my[...]
Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ with loved ones. Or at least that was the point of this holiday, because it seems that many have lost sight of w[...]
Dear Parents, Staff & Learners, The final term started at a very fast pace. Besides all the classroom activities taking place, we also started finalizing arrangements for our C[...]
I can tell you something about yourself that even you may not realize. You may be surprised that I know this, but I do, and I want you to understand how I know it. What do you thin[...]
Dear Parents, Staff & Pupils, I can’t believe that another term has just flown past. Looking back I can assuredly say that it has been a very successful one. On 25 August we ce[...]
I believe that a sense of entitlement as a growing problem in our culture and relationships? We all want things. But some people feel they are entitled to whatever it is they want,[...]
Dear Parents, Staff and Pupils, This month is our BIRTHDAY month. Unity College has, in spite of numerous setbacks and difficulties, “survived”! Some people may say that it is a mi[...]
Dear Parents, Staff and Pupils, In April 1994, I accompanied a school boy rugby team to Australia and I can vividly remember sitting on the flight back from Sydney, contemplating w[...]