It’s been a melodically-fueled couple of weeks for learners from the Intermediate and Senior phases and some very enthusiastic staff, as practice is well under way for the News24 A[...]
Teacher Estelle’s Intermediate class made their very own greenhouses. The displays form part of a project in Nature Studies to demonstrate the germination and growth of plant seeds[...]
The Senior Phase enjoyed their first visit (this year) to the North Gate Ice Skating Rink on Wednesday 23 January 2019. Although it was a short visit, it was lots of fun with some [...]
The Intermediates went to Camp Konka from Wednesday, 31 October to Friday, 2 November. Camping is part of our Life Orientation programme, where we assess our children’s social skil[...]
Teachers Anita Wylie and Johann du Preez-Ackerman had a wonderful opportunity recently to represent Unity College at EduTECH Africa – the largest and most influential education tec[...]
Casual Day 2018[...]
Unity College sent 13 of its learners to the Special Olympics swimming gala at Wahoo Aquatic centre on 13 August. The children did well and had fun! This Special Olympics swimming [...]
Community Safety partnership between Douglasdale Police station, Sector 3  Community Policing forum | CPF & Unity College. THANK YOU for your time Douglasdale Police Station! O[...]